"The quality of your life is equal to the quality of your communications." - Tony Robbins

For me, seeing the truth of this statement that 'the quality of your life is equal to the quality of your communications' is a given, as I have already observed that everything I receive comes in the form of a thought, whether i'm interpreting a thought associated with a physical experience I have, or a thought relating to a conversation with another person, or with myself, or whatever. It is all about the quality of my thoughts, and we now know that communication is about thoughts as well as words, and as Colin Turner states, 'Everything is a communication - you cannot not communicate'.

The thoughts we have are either positive, supporting, empowering and happiness-giving, or they are negative and disempowering, and so communication, whether with ourselves or with others, provides a wonderful place to start in developing, embracing and enjoying our human potential. Realising our ability to communicate more and more as we wish is a beautiful part of discovering oursleves, and, of course, will bring its own benefits.

We start with two great articles about effective communication. The first is on the technique of asking oneself better questions as part of communicating wth oneself, and the second a direct link to the wonderfully illuminating and inspiring Inner Strength Films.

What Winners and Losers Do

Whether you want to be a winner or a loser, this concise and rather useful series of definitions of what winners and losers do may well have some key observations to point you in the right direction.

A Question of Enlightenment

Do you know how many people in the World could be considered enlightened? Could you hazard a guess? How quickly is the number rising? What will the World be like when everyone is at the level of the Avatars?

Emotional Mastery Digital Card Set

Emotional Mastery to take you into the New Year? It is with pleasure that we offer you this tool for making the feeling of life more pleasurable. Find out how simple it can be to transform your relationship with your own emotions.

Emotional Freedom... The Sedona Method

One of the techniques and tools which you might find very effective at allowing you to release negative emotions and fears, and to live in the moment in freedom and happiness, is The Sedona Method. Find out all about it right here: book of mormon tickets broadway

Sharpening Our Tools for Maximum Effectiveness

As we remember the law of 'sharpen your tools' from the series '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' by Stephen Covey, we invite you to join us and consider where and how we might sharpen our tools. A simple application of focus.

Kama Sutra, Deepak Chopra

Another fascinating offering from Dr Chopra. This book is an expansion of the original text written by poet Vasyayana between the 1st and 6th centuries A.D. "Don't yearn for some faraway heaven. This world plus love is heaven."

Foolish Happiness

Following the release of the recent Dan Millman 'Peaceful Warrior' movie, the idea arose that 'only a fool is happy when his needs are met'; perhaps one of the single most important concepts to understand in terms of happiness.

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Conscious Creation

In brief, Conscious Creation is about using the power of our thoughts to create the life we wish to experience.

As there is wisdom that comes with this it is also about understanding the thoughts and experiences which we have.

Through the power of our own conciousness, and such things as the Law of Attraction, the power of belief, managing our interpretations and perceptions and understanding ourselves, we can use our thougths to guide our experiences and observe the ways in which our thoughts create our realities and personal living experiences.

Perhaps the first tenet of conscious creation is to rid oneself of limiting beliefs, in line with the eternal wisdom 'Whatever man can conceive and believe, he can achieve'.

The quote below taken from the Seth Material sums up the concept of using our thoughts to design our lives very well;

"Within you is the ability to change your ideas about reality and about yourself, to create a personal living experience that is fulfilling to yourself and others."

The first step to consciously creating the life you want, and learning how to 'conscious create', is taking responsibility, and this is outlined via the page 'The Key To Personal Power'.

We will also add any useful notes and pages of discount broadway tickets cinderella  relevance to the activity of conscious creation as and when they occur.

And there is also the Seth Walks Glossary available to you as a resource for understanding the terms and concepts used in conscious creation. This proves an effective way to get on and make good steps forward in our understanding and effectiveness. It is also constantly evolving and ever-growing.
A Great Introduction to The Seth Material
How we create our realities. Introducing the Seth Learning Center website; Listen to an audio clip of Jane Roberts speaking as Seth on the power and importance of beliefs. Notes about the first Seth book, Seth Speaks.

Introducing 'What The Bleep' The Movie
This epic adventure, 'What The Bleep', is an absolutely spectacular and sensational Quantum Physics documentary/movie which demands further inspection. "I think this movie can really change people's lives."

I Create My Day, Dr Joe Dispenza
Of the many fascinating accounts from the 'What The Bleep' movie, perhaps the most popular and most attracting account is that of Dr Joe Dispenza as he accounted how he actively, consciously chooses to create each day.

A Conscious Creation Interview with Wayne Dyer
We link to a wonderful recording, in which Dr Dyer speaks passionately and naturally about a whole host of conscious creation topics, each surrounding the law of attraction, and with such concepts as letting go of the outcome.

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The premise is that consciousness itself is evolving.

Whether or not it is, our awareness and use of it most certainly is.

And this represents a wonderful opportunity for the world.

More and more people are working with their thoughts to choose their lives, and one notion is that we literally pull the good in the universe forward every time we engage in a thought or act which develops consciousness, as the widely held belief is that consciousness is the 'stuff' that transverses all things in the universe.

Ken Wilber introduces this when he talks about a new destiny that arises from consciousness...

" ...what's being laid down are actually structures of consciousness, these are actually being created right now. They're not 'platonic givens' that drop down from Heaven. They are structures that we build every time we engage in a thought that's just a little bit higher than the thought we had a moment before. Or an activity that's just a little bit more noble than the activity we engaged in a moment before."

The 'Hundredth Monkey' syndrome, as explained by Dr. Deepak Chopra, explains the essence of consciousness quite nicely.

In this, he explains that a group of monkeys on an island can be influnced by, and pick up the habits of the behaviour of a group of other monkeys on a different island completely out of the way of sight or normal communication, once the number of individuals engaging in a certain new behaviour reaches a certain critical mass, (though not neccessarily exactly one hundred).

The notion is that the second group are picking up on the consciousness of the first. You can visit: matilda musical tickets

We also use the term and understanding quite often in our societies when we talk about such things as an 'abundance consciousness', or 'poverty consciousness', 'love consciousness', and so on.

A further feel for this can be gained from Dr. Chopra's 'Peace Is The Way', as he talks about the organisation's mission as "To collectively become a critical mass of peace consciousness in the world... ".

A final observation for now is the quality of consciousness to follow the 'Law of Attraction' notion; that an individual can change their life by changing what they think about and focus upon. This is, again, conscious creation, or working with beliefs, or sometimes called a 'focus of consciousness', and is explored in our section by the same name.


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Creative Solutions

When we realise that everything is a creative opportunity we may begin to approach all of our challenges, whether personal or collective, or even global, from a position of creative enjoyment and joy, rather than from a place of fear, and rejection of the situation as nothing more than a necessary and un-wished for chore.

If you think about it, in any moment in which you see a problem as solely that, then you are waiting until that problem is solved before things are okay. You wait until that thing is solved before you can enjoy yourself. But that approach goes straight in the face of the universally accepted wisdom of living in the moment.

So on these occasions there has to be something we are missing; some factor or approach. If everything happens for a reason then what is the purpose for us of the scenario we thought we wanted to reject?!

Asking and answering this seo packages sydney question may lead us to take an effective solution approach, rather than one of 'papering over the cracks', (see our article 'Whilst Money Can be Useful...' below).

It may inspire or lead us to take a fully integrated approach, rather than a piecemeal one, (see our core message on Integration).

And it may push us to wish to take a love-based approach based on an abundance mentality, rather than a fear and scarcity-mentality approach, (see our core message on Love).

If you look at people who are enjoying themselves in their work, they are addressing the exact same kinds of puzzles as others, but they are approaching them from a very different mindset.

In the Chinese language there is only one word and one symbol for both our words of 'opportunity' and 'adversity'. This is because the history and culture of that nation understood that these two things were one and the same. They understood that in every difficulty or adversity there is the seed of an equivalent creative opportunity.

When we understand and live this we can both enjoy our creative challenges by living in the moment, and, of course, enjoy more harmonious results.

There is also a link placed below for the 'Peace Is the Way' approach, guided by Deepak Chopra, which holds many points of use for solving problems creatively.

Here's to our creative opportunities for adding value and developing smooth, harmonious and integrated ways of living. Remember, the Discussion Forums are there for us to develop and support ideas further.


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Human Potential

Core Messages
The following core messages are available:

At the very zenith of our human potential movement of Losenoidoomock, the address which sets the tone for everything which is to follow, is our message of human potential, recorded and presented in audio clip form.

The Competition Myth
As first detailed by Colin Turner in his audio presentation, 'Alternative Thinking', the biggest barriers to the effectiveness of our thinking and understanding are comparison and competition.

The basis which ties together all of our messages is that of love. Not love as in solely a romatic love or physical attraction, but the more general, all-encompassing definition of love as complete acceptance and an all-embracing approach of life and self.

The message of affordable seo london integration is one of great wisdom and power. Not power in terms of trying to control others, for that is only the illusion of power, but the power that comes from the wisdom of working out and realising that all the parts of the whole share a common interest, and that those parts, and the whole itself, benefit many times more from cooperation and teamwork, the largest form of team, of course, being the universe itself, with both humanity's team and the individual key parts of that.

Freedom To Give
"Freedom to give goes beyond simply physical things. Literally anywhere there is an expectation it is possible that we are not giving, or being given the freedom to choose to give something, do something, think something, and so forth.".

Sustainability in all Things
One of the most basic principle keys to freedom and happiness, is sustainability. This is the ability to maintain the things we wish to maintain in a happy, healthy and harmonious way.

Innate Health
Health is a complex and emotive subject, and this is our 'take' on the matter.


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Mboga spent his eyes and began to look at the south, for the river. It was audible, how Komov on the next roof сказал:Что,  actually, was gone? We are using this wayback machine cartoon.

VCHG, - Tanja has answered. Well, also what you raskudahtalis? Collect the new. On it two days will leave. Then that you offer? It is necessary to cut, - Fokin has told. On a roof silence was established. Look, companion Lju, - has spoken suddenly Mboga. It stood and, having covered from the sun, looked at the river.

Lju has turned. The green plain behind the river dazzled with black stains. It were backs of "hippopotamuses", and them  was much. Lju and to a head did not come that behind the river so it is a lot of "hippopotamuses". Black stains slowly moved  on the south. They leave, - Mboga has told. - Away from a city, for hills. Komov has decided to spend the night open-air. It has pulled out the bed from tent and has settled on a roof, having put  hands for a head. The sky was black-dark blue, because of horizon in the east the big zelenovato-orange disk with not clear edges - Palmira,  the moon Leonids slowly crept out. From dark plain behind the river the muffled lingering shouts reached; should be, birds  shouted. Over base short summer lightnings flashed, and something quietly gnashed and crackled. "It is necessary to put a fencing, - Komov thought. - to enclose a city with a wire and to start up a current, not so strong.  However, if it is birds the fencing will not help. And most likely, it is birds. It costs nothing to such vast object to drag off a  bale., Probably, it costs nothing to it to drag off and the person. After all there was a case when on Pandore the winged  dragon has picked up the person in a survival suit of the higher protection, and it is one and a half centner. So it also goes -  at first a shoe, then tjuchok... And on all group - one carbine! Why Leonid Andreevich was so against the weapon? Certainly,  it was necessary to shoot then - at least, would frighten off them... Why the doctor did not shoot? Because it"seemed"to it...  And I would not shoot, because too it"seemed"to me... And what, actually, it seemed to me? - Komov strongly poter a palm  the forehead wrinkled from pressure. - huge birds, very beautiful birds and as they flied!. What silent, easy and correct flight...

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